Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Yoga of Relationship

Please enjoy this beautiful message from our Yoga OMbassadors Hemalayaa & Mas Vidal. Meet them in person at the Spring OMmersion or at Dancing Shiva in Hollywood CA (where they both teach).

"Bhakti is the nectar of the Yoga tradition and through the experience of life we have learned to take many opportunities as gifts to honor the divine. We find that in relationship with each other we are given a glimpse of that higher knowledge of understanding, forgiveness, patience and acceptance in all circumstances. It's a challenge to be consistent with the intentions sometimes (most times), but we can see that these things can ultimately bring us greater joy and happiness. When we are over-flowing with love for the Divine, that dazzling creative potential within us as individuals is beautifully able to flow through us. As we honor the multitude of Divine Couples (Shiva-Shakti, Krishna-Radha etc…), we can see the qualitites of that union reflected onto our lover which is everything our souls yearn for. We are then inspired to serve each other in the name(s) of God & Goddess.

Aum Nama Shivaya, Aum Shakti MA!
Hemalayaa & Mas Vidal"

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