Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What People are Saying...

... about the Spring OMmersion!

"This year my life changed. I knew you guys had “something that I wanted” I have never had so much fun nor felt so good." -ADAM

"This last weekend was one of my favorite to date. Thank you SO MUCH for the vision and for including us in it. This was truly for me an immersion in Bhakti Yoga. I came out transformed. Mostly what was special was the opportunity to 'drop in' with people from the community and feel inspired and renewed. I am a huge fan of Bhakti Fest. " - KIA MILLER
"What a weekend. It was totally epic! The shanti vibe was so sweet." -GOVINDAS & RADHA

"It is an honor to be part of the Bhakti Fest tribe." -ALVIN YOUNG (The Wild Lotus Band)

"The spring ommersion such a beautiful experience. With each Bhakti Fest event, the bhav and community gets deeper and richer and more powerful. Can't wait till september...." -SEAN JOHNSON

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Bhakti Fest


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  2. The spirit of the Bhav which draws back the thin veil and allows us to truly experience the real is just that...real! To be amongst family and share the collective human experience is so powerful. And, to be a part of the transformation while fully being present is mind blowing! Thank you to Everyone (Self) for being present with expressions of giving AND receiving! One Love! Jai Ma!

    Shanti, jody Theissen

  3. As the first Bhakti fest with my kids, I was thrilled by how wonderful the experience was. My 11 year-old Nik came to 4 classes with me and said yoga was the highlight of his weekend. Sage loved sitting in the kirtan pavilion singing, dancing and playing games.

    Both kids said the Bhakti fest was one of their all-time favorite experiences!!!! We loved it!

    LOST: In the bliss of the moment I left my favorite Prana hoodie (dusty blue pullover with 2 pockets) with my son's black Timex wristwatch in the pocket and a Camelback filtering waterbottle ($25+ !). The waterbottle had my name on the bottom. Did anyone find these items? Call/text me and I'll gladly send $ for shipping/reward in advance. 619-871-1644

    Thank you everyone for a fantastic experience!