Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bhakti Birthday Pilgrimage

{This letter is from Kimberly Loeb, who did Work Exchange last year at the yoga registration booth. Thank you Kimberly!}

My sister and I have spent my birthday at Bhakti Fest for the past two years and it has been so much fun that we now refer to the entire weekend as my "Bhakti Birthday." It is truly the best gift EVER -- especially when there is raw chocolate cake from the amazing Bhakti Fest vendors in the mix. I even found a Hawk feather (in perfect condition) on my birthday during the festival in 2009! Sooo much magic!

Some of my favorite Bhakti memories are:
~ Sleeping under the desert stars with the sounds of coyotes, owls and kirtan in the distant background.
~ Waking up to the Sun rising over Joshua Tree.
~ Amazing Yoga classes with Saul David Raye, and the Radiance Sutras with Lorin and Camille Roche.
~ MC Yogi, Dasi Karnamrita, Bhagavan Das, Gina Sala and Gaura Vani, just to name a few!
~ Spending time with my sister and all of the other amazing people at Bhakti Fest!

If you have a story from last year's festival, please share with us. Email to submit.

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